Tuesday, December 13

More Wedding

Hope you aren't sick of wedding stuff. Molly did such a good job on our pics, I have to show them off. 

Katie Herzig!

I saw Katie Herzig last summer when she opened for Brandi Carlisle. We all know how much I love Brandi but Katie was a very fresh surprise. Here are a few of her songs. While looking her videos up YouTube I found a few other goodies. 

There is no video here just music....even better. 

Just a few of the songs I like to put on that make me smile. So smile, it's almost Christmas. 

Thursday, December 8

Ok Get Ready, WEDDING!!

Ok I got my pictures from the wedding from the amazingly talented Molly Jones. Check out her website she does such an incredible job. 
We had such an amazing day. The sun came out at the last minute and we were able to have the ceremony outside (being outside was the whole reason we planned a wedding in only 5 weeks). 

Chris's sister did the flowers. They turned out really pretty. 

Smooch. Chris hates how he looks in kissing pictures but I loved this one. 

This is about as serious as the two of us get. It didn't last long...

...as you can see. I loved this because that is what we do the most of, laugh at each other. 

This pic of Chris and his mom Sandra is so cute. 

Oh my sweet daddy. Yes, I call him Daddy. I always will. 
Funny story, my dad is a little hard of hearing so as he was walking me down the isle he started singing the "here comes the bride"song (that is not what i walked down the isle to). So the music started really quite and here me and my dad come down while he is BELTING "bum bum bum bum" to the tune of here comes the bride....Hilarious and so typical! 

Noelle, me and Kleis. The 3 girls! We were all laughing pretty hard but trying to keep it together in this picture. Noelle was so ready pictures. She kept asking if it was her turn yet, weird, we usually can't get her in front of a camera. 

The full dress. 
This was actually a really comfy dress. I wish someone would have talked me into spanx though. I have a little tummy going on in most of these. Chris's grandma Jeanne passed away a few months ago and these were her pearls. Chris gave them to me a few days before the wedding and asked me to wear them. They are so beautiful and they go great with the strand my parents gave me when I turned 21. They had had them before I was even born. Noelle has a pair too. 

Well this is the crew. We all went to elementary, junior high and high school together... We've been friends forever. Love these girls. 

Our wedding day happened to be Chris's grandma Fern's birthday. So we all sang her a little happy birthday. I think she was pretty excited/embarrassed. 

That was such a good cake. Nothing bundt cake!!!

There are lots more pictures but these are a few of the ones I loves. We had a great day and shared it with great people. Chris and I are so happy and so grateful for all of the support of our amazing family and friends. 
The week after we got back from our honeymoon in Jackson Hole we started our remodel which is still going and consuming our lives and $$$. I have some good before pics and I'll get some after too. Also we are headed to the lovely island of Maui to spend Christmas with Chris's family on the beach.

Friday, December 2

Let's Be HONEST!

Ok friends. I am going to be perfectly honest with you. Yesterday, due to the crazy winds and lots of huge fallen pine trees :(, there was no power at work. So, what did I do, I went to see the Eclipse Part 1. Here is the honest part, I went BY MYSELF. Oh yes it is true I was  a sad pathetic fan who couldn't wait for a friend to go see this went and I went ALONE. I have to say I am kind of a fan of alone movies. I get the treats I want and I don't even have to share...wow, that is honest. 

I bought my self a popcorn, at least it was a Junior bag and I even practiced self restraint by getting a MEDIUM diet coke. I saw 4 rather large women eating a Xlarge popcorn all by themselves. You know, the bucket that is made out of cardboard rather than just the large bag. Oh boy. I was an interesting and educational day at the movies. Needless to say the movie was pretty good. Much better than a few of the other ones. Ok so now it is your turn. What have you done by yourself that is almost as pathetic as seeing Eclipse by yourself?

note: i have seen movies alone before but to see this particular movie alone added a whole new and sad element to the act of singular movie viewing. 

Monday, November 28

Christmas Card

Here is our Christmas card this year. We had a little animal photo shoot which was pretty much the funniest thing ever. Kitty HATES that sweater. She refuses to move when she has it on. Which you would think is good but she just lays around and won't look at the camera so we propped her up like this. Ralph on the other hand LOVES having his picture taken. He is such a well behaved pooch, well at least in front of the camera. 

Thursday, November 24

Beyond Words

Just a quick post to publicly say how grateful, or Thankful may be better, I am for everything. We had to say the 3 things we are most thankful for. My list, in this order, Chris. He is the best thing to happen to me. I am so blessed to have him forever. I would be one lost lady without him. Number two is my crazy, insane, inappropriate, hilarious, and loyal family. They are more than family they are also my best friends, I am so lucky!! 3 is for my health and happiness, not just mine but also the health and happiness of everyone I love. Of course the list goes on and on but those are the first three. Hopefully everyone has as great a day as I did. Now I better get back to listening to my husband snore while he takes a pre black Friday nap.

Wednesday, November 16

Erin and Dave

My cousin Erin lives in Cali and she got married to the nicest guy Dave. I don't know him very well but I can tell he is a really good guy and loves Erin so much. I am so happy for them. 

I have a friend who it Clooney from Up In The Air so I had to take this picture of security and send it to him. There is no way he would ever wait in this ridiculous line. 

So you can see that this man's pants have something embroidered on them right? In case that is not bad enough on its own. The things embroidered are little NCs for North Carolina....Oh my! Words cannot express how hideous these were. Don't worry his wife totally busted me taking this photo. But I had to I was all alone and I didn't think anyone would believe me. 

Speaking of being alone, Chris was in Arizona for work so I Jetted to San Diego with Kleis, my mom. She had a lot to do and family to see and since I am kind of a humbug I made her go without me. So I walked around Coronado by my lonesome and enjoy a delicious breakfast by myself...I ate way to much as you can see. 

My dad sits on this bench every morning when he is in San Diego. He loves this little seat. He wanted to put his name on it but they told him he has to be dead to be commemorated on a plaque...can you believe it. So dumb. What do they care if you are alive or dead. Anyway to secure his future bench he put one on for my Grandparents who have both passed away. But I think when my dad passes, in lots of years from now, they get the boot and he is in. haha he never lets me forget that we need to change this to his name. 

Erin and Dave. Such a sweet happy couple. Love them. Too bad my camera was in my suitcase. 

Erin is not a dancer!! At all! As they announced this dance she walked passed me and mumbled to me 
"I have been dreading this dance my entire life". Classic Erin. I love it. She did really well because Dave had given her lessons. 
The next day I went to lunch with my old friend Jennie who lives in Coronado now. It was so much fun to see her and her cute family. Then we did a family dinner for my cousin Andy's birthday. It was awesome to see everyone and spend time with my grandparents.

San Diego was a blast but the flight home made me rethink ever flying again. I am already a knuckler when it comes to flying but this was the WORST flight of my life. I hated every second of it. It was so bumpy I didn't even get my damn Diet Coke. AHHH!!!!

Life is CRAZY.

Not in the philosophical sense but in the time consuming sense. So just two short weeks after our wedding, one week after honeymoon, and one day after trips to Arizona and San Diego, Chris and I have officially begun our remodel! AHH. We have been running around like chicken with our heads cut off. Life has been crazy. I forgot to get before pics of the bedroom but I'll for sure get some of the rest before it undergoes its transformation from house to home. 
I have pics to post from all of the previously listed events as soon as i have a minute to download them. I stole this lovely pic from Molly's website. She did such a great job shooting the wedding. We have been going through and picking our favorites, its so hard, there are so many good ones!

Oh has anyone been to the social security office lately, or ever for that matter? That place is a total freak show. Luckily i got there before they opened but there was still a huge line ahead of me...but it wasn't 3 hours like my mother-in-laws last trip...what a joke. 

Doesn't Chris look so handsome. I for sure married up. He is so fun to be married to. We each had obligations that took us to separate states last weekend and being away from him sucked. We've done it before but this time we are married and i missed him so much, Dorky? Yes it is, but I'm ok with it. 

So to all of my faithful readers...do i even have one? doubt it! HAHA anyway in case someone happens here by accident, I will post pics of wedding, honeymoon, and trip to San Diego soon. Football weekends are a great time for me to sit next to Chris and pretend to be supportive while I catch up on my posts. I'm getting this wife thing down fast huh? 

Wednesday, November 2


Be prepared! (not in Scars evil voice, but in a happy excited voice). The blog will be undergoing a bit of an overhaul now that this blog isnt so much about me as it will be about me and Chris and our new life as a little family. We are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives. Hopefully you will come along for the ride and not be too bored. We will have more pictures and definite wedding stories to come. Right now we are sitting by a cozy fire in Jackson Hole watching the fog roll in. Very romantical, besides the fact that I'm blogging. Ha! So stay tuned if you want to see stuff about the wedding.

Monday, October 24

The Count Down Is ON!

Well today is Monday, October 24th and we are getting married Saturday, October 29th. So people, the count down is on. Planning this wedding has been fun and relatively mellow. We have decided that we want to enjoy this day instead of having flashbacks of how fast it went by. So we are doing a small dinner with 53 of our closest family and friends. Something that I am excited about is spending this day with Chris. With a huge reception I swear the bride and groom don't see each until it's over. That is if they don't want a line, which I am violently apposed to. Yes, Violently Opposed to. Hopefully having this sit down dinner we will be able to enjoy each other and really take in the importance of this big day. We thought it best to not have any kids to the wedding so that everyone could really relax and enjoy themselves. I have to admit no kids is kind of bitter sweet. The 15 nieces and nephews that Chris and I have are some of the sweetest kids we know but together they are a rambunctious group. So Chris's parents are having a dinner the night before so all the kids and family that aren't coming to the wedding can celebrate. We are really excited to share this day with those closest to us. Our friend Molly is doing our photography and she does a great job so we'll have pictures to share soon. 
Wish us luck that the weather cooperates. Its supposed to get cold. 

Oh and just as a side note, check out this adorable shoes I have on order for the party the night before. 
Cute right? 

Tuesday, October 11

So Busy!

Planning a wedding, I forgot how time consuming it can be. Good grief! We finally decided on Millcreek Inn with 50 of our closest family and friends. Since we both have decent sized families, this was a hard one to narrow down. Here is the cute wedding invitation we chose. 
Obviously this is not us but aren't they cool. Especially for a wedding up Millcreek Canyon. We are getting really excited. Now if only my ding dang ring would get back from the manufacturer, it's being sized. I only got to wear that sucker for 2 days and now it has been gone for over 2 weeks. LAME. Cross your fingers its here for the wedding. 
Anyway, that is what has been happening in my life. 
This weekend I was supporting my handsome fiance in Moab as he did the 24 Hour Challenge. Basically him and 3 friends were on a team and they relay on mountain bikes. Did i mention it was below freezing almost the whole time. So DAMN cold, pardon my french but it was. Hopefully I can steal some pics from people because I was too cold to even think about my camera. 
Ok hopefully i'll have something worthy of a post coming up here soon. 
Have a great day. 

Monday, September 26

Exciting, Exciting!!

Connlly DeVoe Williams {my new nephew} 
Was born Thursday September 22, @ 5:25ish pm. 
He was  6.12lbs and 20 or 21 inches..I forget. He is the cutest thing ever!
Love him so much already.I have yet to hear a peep out of him. 
Ok NOW we are engaged. Chris and I got engaged on Friday the 23rd. 

He was so sweet. He took me to Park City to spend the night and just get away. We ate at Cafe Terigo on Main Street, which is so amazing, then we went back to his family's condo. He asked me to let the dogs out and he would be right out. He said he had a new app on his iphone he wanted to try out.  It's the one where you point it at the stars and it shows you which constellations you are looking at. Chris was pointing them out to me and I couldn't see one of them so he was telling me to look right where his finger was pointing. On the end of that lovely paw was the ring. I grabbed his hand to see what it was and he got down on one knee. So cute. I actually cried. I always thought it was weird when people say they cried but I did. Not a lot but I had a few little tears.  
I am so excited. Chris is so amazing and I am really lucky to spend my life with him. 

Wednesday, September 21

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!!

 I am not a gambler! I don't see the point or the appeal. I think it is a quick way to loose money fast. Since my few pennies are precious to me {say that in the Gollum voice if you like} I can't watch some fat-fingered-angry dealer take them from me, Yes they all have fat fingers. So why did I got to Vegas last weekend you ask? Well I got a phone call from my friend Allison last wednesday, it went like this.

"Um Lawrence ( that's me) what are you doing this weekend?'
"Um Hi Alice (that's her) nothing, why?"
" Want to go to Vegas and see Ke$ha...for free?"
"Whaaaa, really?'
"Ya, Alex bailed on me (her brother) and I have everything all paid for."
"Um, hell yes! let me see if Kleis ( my mom) can work for me."

a few phone calls to my mom and chris in between.

"Alice, I'm in!!!"
"Seriously?! Let me see if I can get the ticket in your name." Click
"Alice? Alice?"
A few minutes later.
"Lawrence I'm so excited I'm sweating!"
"Me too!!"
"Ok sweet!"
"Alice? Alice" Click again. We were both pretty excited, I'm not sure who hung up on who this time.

So we packed all the glitter we could and headed out with Allison's friends Chris and Lindsey Hatch. They are hilarious. Chris Hatch flies all the time and is so funny about it.. I quickly named him Clooney, from Up In The Air. Clooney stuck and by the end he was responding to it.

 We had so much fun. We got all freaked out for Ke$ha and people were just staring at us. Seriously we freaked people out. We weren't even wearing weird clothes just weird makeup. I refuse to believe that we were the biggest freaks in Vegas but people seemed to think we were.
Lindsey looked cute. this was her idea of getting Ke$ha'd out. Lame Lindsey. 

The BEST part was LMFAO. They put on such a good show. They are hilarious and they and their dancers were amazing. They had some guys from America's Best Dance Crew up there. 

Alice bought some glasses that did some pretty cool stuff. 
She tried to sneak a snickers while i wasn't looking. I called it "sneakin a snick" 
We laughed so hard at that one. 

This was a limo my friends not a semi. 
This is Holly Madison's porsche. Yep it's pink people. 
I tried to buy Ralph a good lookin tux but they didn't have his size. Bummer. 
Cupcake beenies I seriously wanted this one so bad. 

The maids at our hotel were awesome. This is what we found after breakfast one morning. Loved them!!

Vegas was a good time. We laughed so hard and did tons of shopping. I would much rather my money go to clothes than gambling. Don't worry though Alice managed to get in plenty of gambling. That is how she paid for the trip...gambling points. Gotta love it. 

Just for your enjoyment, we watched this video about a hundred times trying to learn the shuffle. These guys are hilarious!!

Monday, September 12

Happy Day!!!!

 No I am not engaged but my little brother Connor is!!! Here is beautiful Tiffanie showing off her new ring. So pretty. He did pretty good if you ask me. 

I went up to my dad's spec house in Park City and decorated with rose pedals. It turned out really pretty.

We are so excited about this match. Tiffanie is so cute. Chris and I spend a lot of time with these two and as an older, somewhat protective older sister, I am always a little skeptical but, Tiff and Connor are so great together and I know they will be such a happily married couple, after all I did introduce them! 

Congratulations you two, we could not be more happy for you!!!! I love you both.