Wednesday, April 13


So I have to share my thoughts on ANIMALS. I honestly am such an animal person. I always had dogs or fish or birds growing up but for some reason I, more so than any of my siblings, LOVE animals. I think they are hilarious. They all have their own personalities and when they are not being NAUGHTY, which let's face it they are 50% or more of the time, they are so fun. So here is a little tribute to the pets in my life.

As some of you may remember I have two dogs, Charlie and Lucy. They are both girls. Yes, Charlie is a girl. I love the Peanut Characters so when we got Charlie and her sister's name was just fit. 
Charlie and I have this in common, we both love to lay in the sun. We used to do this for hours on the deck while I would read. Love her.

When she is out in the Great Wide Open, Charlie thinks she is a big dog. One time I watched her run up a steep part of the mountain behind Lucy but unfortunately she rolled down backwards. Not quite little one. 

Lucy is my little buddy, well not so little any more. I would say she has put on 30 pounds since this picture. When we are together she is my shadow. She protects me from every other dog, even Ralphie. 

She is the fastest dog. She runs at you full speed and then turns right before she gets to you... For some reason she doesn't quite turn fast enough when she is running at me. We have had a few painful encounters. I just tell myself its cause she loves me best. :)
What I love most about these sweet girls is how cute they are together. Charlie always goes and lays on Lucy, she just curls up on her and goes right to sleep. Lucy is so sweet to let her do it. Charlie gets away with murder. She is so small that  she plays a little rough. Lucy has had chunks missing out of her ears on multiple occasions from Charlie biting her while they run. Never has Lucy hurt little Char. Such a good older sis.

Gordon and I time-share these adorable little pups. They live with him so when I get to see them it is all about spoiling and loving them...rarely do I need to discipline them.

Next is Kitty. Her really name is Irie because she is the happiest cat around. But for some reason she is a pretty small little girl so Kitty just seems to fit better. I have never liked cats and still  to this day I only really like my cat. She has so much personality in that soft furry body I can't even tell you. She makes me laugh all the time. Right now Chris is trying to teach her how to shake. But I don't have the heart to tell him she is just trying to get him to come give her loves. She is so affectionate that I have to lock her out of the room to sleep because she likes to literally sleep on my chest or in my face. Those whiskers in the nose do not a happy LaLa make. 

She used to spend hours like this on my balcony. Everyone in my building knows and loves Kitty. They all stop and pet her, she has somehow figured out how to get about half way down the wall so that everyone can reach her. I don't let her out anymore because she likes to bail off the side. We had an incident that was much like the opening scene of Ace Ventura 2...the racoon. Anyone remember? Well she fell and she fell hard. This kitty doesn't always land on her feet! 

She was so into the TV. I couldn't believe it. Sometimes she sites like a human and watches TV.

Good ol' Kitty. I'm glad I rescued her from that Ghetto Chase Bank and didn't put her down when they thought she had AIDS. Turns out she is healthy, happy and a little needy. Love this sweet KITTY. She doesn't know it yet but we are starting potty training soon. That's right...the toilet. No more kitty litter for us. 

This is turning into a really long post and I'm only halfway through. Sorry peeps. I can't leave out these next guys...well guy and girl and I don't know what the other is. 

My mom got a Portuguese Water dog. The cutest thing ever. Brown, white green eyes, you get my drift. ADORABLE. She ended up giving it to my brother who lives in AZ. BOO to her being so far away. But he knows how sad I was she was moving so he sends me updates a lot. Her name is Paddington but they call her Paddi. She is so funny. I haven't seen her in a while but I know I love her. 
I have yet to see here without her tongue hanging out. Isn't she the cutest??

Next is Ralphie. He is Chris's dog. I get to spend a lot of time with Ralphie poo. He is a Wheaton Terrier...He is crazy! No joke, crazy. But no one cuddles like Ralphie either. He is almost 3 with no signs of growing out of his naughtiness but we love him anyway. He just got shaved, he is so skinny and has legs for days. This little guy loves people and dogs. He is great with kids especially the ones he can reach and snatch their cookies. This guy loves the outdoors as much as his Dad. He has his own pack and booties and loves camping, mountain biking and the park. 

When this guy is ready to cuddle look out he will lay right on you if he has to to get comfy. He is so skinny that when he gets cold, and he always does, he relies on your body heat. I have to admit it's when I love Ralph the most. 

I was asking Ralph how he weaseled his way into my heart and this is the face he gave me. Question answered. He is so sweet when he wants to be. 

As much as he loves camping this was not a great trip for the poor guy. He had so many burs in his fur. I would pull the off and he would come back 2 minutes later with twice as many. 

Ralph is so funny and it is even funnier to watch Chris and him play. But don't get to close when they wrestle they will steam roll you and not even know they did it. 

Last but not least is this little guy. We saw him driving down St. George Boulevard. At first it was the woman who caught my eye but they the sight of this little pooch riding shot gun on a scooter?! Made my day. 

Well I am sorry that was so long. But I guess after showing you all my fury friends it is a pretty dang good thing I love animals. And I do, I LOVE THEM ALL.

Tuesday, April 12

VeRy RaNdOm

So I have had a very fun few weeks but haven't ever really had a camera other than my iphone so sorry about the quality of these pics. Some highlighted events were my friends Julia and Danny had a little boy they named Henry. He is so cute. Chris and I went over there the other day and he slept in my arms the whole time. Love him!

 We also hit up a Rango with my sister and her kids. It was hilarious! Of coarse my niece had to get her picture taken in the prom cut-out. 
 Then I went with my nieces (actually half-nieces, i only clarify because they are older than me and not to be mistaken for my 4 year old niece) and my friend Tiff to Classic Skating. Blast from the past. So much fun. I highly recommend it. 

 I took some very "classic" spills. I fell right out of the gate because some little turd on a razor scooter cut me off. I couldn't even yell at him because he was about 4. Then ate it trying to get to the middle where all the cool kids hang out. And last but not least, Tiff and I were doing a little train to my new favorite song by Cee-Lo, I'll admit it, we got cocky, we over estimated our skills. I did a little tail shake and landed flat on my tailbone/wrist and Tiff did a nose dive right over the top of me. I have never been so close to peeing myself in public...well apart from when I actually do pee myself in public. I'm sure Chris is really glad I just admitted that I pee myself. But I can't help it when a laugh attack happens.
Please notice what it says under number 4. Should not skate??? Are you kidding me. We were for sure the oldest on the rink and I fell more than anybody, but for sure no one laughed as hard as we did. In fact I am not sure I  would let my kids go there without me. A) because I love to skate and B) because there was the CREEPIEST guy skating there. (Ok, he was older than us) He looked EXACTLY like Rorschach from Watchmen. The resemblance was uncanny. Anyway he skated the perimeter of the rink all night and when he wanted a slushy he ate it while walking the perimeter. He was starring at the kids the whole time. Then when the rink closed he walked home. I was so freaked out. If he lives within walking distance he was probably scouting for his next victim to drag home. SCARY. Please do not take your kids to Classic Skating without a parent watching them like a hawk.