Friday, July 29

4th of July

When we got  back from camping we got cleaned up...which consists of washing ones hair multiple times to get rid of the campfire smell. We later went over to Tori and Brian's house for our annual BBQ. 
These guys and their competitions are inSANE. 

 The Smith's live really close to Sugarhouse so we just walk over and set up shop for fireworks. 
 We all set up our blankets in the only available spot and there happened to be a lady who was kind of like and island in the middle of all of  us. Well, that is until Chris said really loudly "it would be nice if she would move so we could all be together". About 3 minutes later she was gone and everyone was laughing as we moved into her spot. Don't worry he got a sharp poke to the ribs after that comment. 

Everybody, this is Bree, Bree, this is everybody. This baby is THE best baby I have ever met. She laughs all the time and does whatever and will let anyone hold her. My kind of baby. I love her and I may kidnap her one day. She was rockin her protective ear wear. 

Friday, July 22

Happy Friday!

 I could seriously play with the photo booth effects all day long. 

I have always wondered what I would look like with a neck gourd. Now I know. 
Oh dear, this is just frightening on so many levels. 

I now know what I would look like as a man. CRAP! Thank the Lord I was born a woman. 

I laugh aloud to myself while I do this, EVERY time. I'm sure the people who walk by the shop think I'm a complete Loon! 

What do you guys do when you are bored at work? Give me some tips to keep myself entertained. That is the beauty of being self-employed, I can really do what ever I want when no one is in the shop. 

Thursday, July 21

Nebo Loop

OK so HUGE shout out to my friend McCall for this recommendation. We went camping over the 4th of July weekend up Payson Canyon. I have never been there before this so i was a little nervous about finding a camp spot, bears, etc. But this place did not disappoint. It was so b.e.a.u.tiful. (Bruce Almighty reference) Seriously so gorgeous. We had so much fun. Here are some of our pics.   

I got Chris a dutch oven for our one year anniversary....yes, we celebrate that when dating. My dad thought it was ridiculous but hey a year is a year, married or not. Anyway, where was I? Oh the dutch oven! So I made a delicious breakfast casserole when we got there, as it needs to sit over nite. We wanted to break that sucker in since we've had it since april. HMMM! so delicious. Leave a comment if you want the recipe. 

L-R: Tiff, connor's girlfriend, Your's truly, Makara, Hagop's girlfriend. 

Oh my lands...where do I even begin you guys? Boys being boys, they set out on a firewood adventure. Apparently they didn't see the heaping pile we had next to the fire (shhh don't tell). But off they went and all we could hear was chopping and grunting and yelling and then they emerged out of the forest. 

Yes, you see correctly, they are carrying a full tree. 

L-R: Connor, my lil' bro, Chris, Hagop (pronounced HOG-UP) My little brother's friend. 

Honestly there are no words. We took this picture telling them how proud we were but really I was documenting the amount of CRAZY that was going on. 

I mean seriously, I love living in Utah. In 40 minutes you can be in a whole new, isolated world. 

Ralph is usually not a big swimmer, being afraid of everything usually is a big deterrent for those kinds of activities. For some reason we couldn't keep him out.  

Obviously a little muddy. The best part is Ralph would get out and shake mud all over the spectators. Which is exactly why I got in that frigid water. 
Hagop can't swim...sorry but he can't and I can tell you that because he doesn't read my blog. So those who can't swim FISH. 
Look at that pooch. 
Oh boy. I am speechless. 

We had so much gear that Ralph had a small 3x2 foot space and he stayed right in it like a good, exhausted pooch. 

Until he was so tired he laid on the bags and went to sleep. 

So if you want a fun new place to camp and need instructions, I am happy to oblige, well if you are willing to take me with you. 

Friday, July 15


Just a little something to bring a smile to your faces this weekend. Ralph got a haircut. LEGS for DAYS this guy. HA. 

Oh and also he became a superhero. Look how well behaved that pooch is for this pic. I think he was really excited to take a pic with his cape on. 

Happy weekend!

More Wasatch Back.

I can't even believe that I posted some of the most heinous pictures I have ever seen of myself. But I guess the more I see them the more motivation I will have. RIGHT?!