Friday, May 11

Good Stuff

I rarely bust out the camera these days, why would you when the phone is so handy and easy. Well it doesn't take the best pictures but still it is so convenient. Here are the random happenings of our lives. If you follow me on intagram @lacokland, then you have most likely seen most of these. 
Last weekend we wanted to try out our new pop up 
So we headed down to Moab. 
Just the 3 of us. Here we are all packed up. 
You may notice Ralph thinks he's riding sir. 

Horrible picture but this is when the moon was really HUGE. Sorry you can't tell. 
It was so big that while we were camping and the moon came out, it seriously looked like someone turned on a dim light. 

THE most tired pooch ever after a hike to the watering hole.
He was so excited to be out running around. 

Driving! Pretty sunset. 

I bought a new neon orange shirt. I was and still am pretty excited about it. 
I love watching my cute nephew Connlly while I work. 
He's such a good baby. Only two more weeks of the helmet. Yahoo!!

Horrible picture sorry. Ralph always has to back his royal toosh onto something, 
usually its me. 

I was in bed watching TV and this little miss Kitty just climbed 
right up on me and went to sleep. 


Chris went to Vegas for my lil brother's bachelor party and while I was doing the laundry
I found this lovely shirt. 

Every had the organic individual hummus packs from costco? 
Get there, they are awesome. 

I was having kind of a rough day this day and Ralph new I was sad so he 
got right in my face and licked the end of my nose. Thank you Ralphy Boy!

Met some good friends Jennie and Jenny at Rio for a delicious lunch. 
We went to jr. high and high school together. 
I never really see either of them so it was good to catch up. 

The other day I looked outside and my mom's dog had made himself at home
ON TOP OF MY TABLE! Goofball. 

Pups and I sleeping in on our backs.

Went to a shower for my nephew's wife who just had a baby. 
I took this picture of my sis in law and put it on instagram.
It backfired because everyone thought i was say she was bored but really
I was just embarrassing her with a lovely pic. 

We had a bachelorette party for tiff at Cafe Molisse . Delicious. 
We are goofing around trying to get rid of our double chins for the picture. 

Sisters. We are just missing Susan who was in Africa. 

My sister noelle. Love her. We get crazy and laugh a lot when we are together. 

Sorry that was random and weird but I just wanted to get some of those pics on here. 

Hope you have a great weekend.