Monday, February 28

Time to get in SHAPE!

I have enjoyed many traditions in my life. They are fun and always something to count on. There is one tradition however that I HATE. That is packing on the freakin freshman 15 every winter. I don't know why but I really don't love winter. Apparently my only solace is food and LOTS of it. Seriously is it disgusting. So with many fun activities already on the docket this spring and summer it is time to get in shape and shed that winter coat of blubber. Eww, I am grossing myself out.

To start it all of Chris and I are doing the Master Cleanse. It is day one and I am starving. Oh well I can be strong for 5 days, right?

So the list of fun activities I am doing and some that I would like to do. Please feel free to join me for any of them. These are always more fun with friends.

Triathlons ( I only do sprints)

Looking at this list is quite overwhelming because I am so out of shape right now but hopefully i'll get there SOON. 

I have done the Echo Tri and all of the runs but not that bike or the moab tri. Hopefully I will survive. But seriously if any of you are interested and would like some inside info about any of these I would love to tell you what I know. Happy Exercising! 

Thursday, February 17

Cheers to a Melodic Genius!


Who loves the Red Butte Summer Concert Series? I do! Last summer my bosses, well old bosses, gave me their tickets to Brandi Carlile. It was so amazing. Not only did I see a beloved long lost friend and watch my old neighbor make an absolute ASS out of himself, but I fell in love twice! It was one of those perfect nights, the Scenery was beautiful, the lighting was awesome, the weather was perfect and my handsome new love was by my side. Are you getting the message, it was so GOOD! I know this is a lot of info for everyone and I hate getting too personal in public-cyber land but I really fell for Chris that night, completely! I also fell for a lovely lyrical lesbian! Brandi Carlile. She is such a great songwriter. We had such a good time. Not exactly Chris's favorite music but I think he'll agree with me that she puts on one hell of a show. Needless to say I went straight home and bought her newest album and I listen to it almost every morning while i get ready. Even my kitty knows all the words the that record. HA! Here is one of my favs, ENJOY!

Thursday, February 10


Oh Jerry, What will we do without you? This is sadder than the days when lost Brewer and Matthews combined times 100. I love Jerry Sloan. He is the best. After 23 seasons with the Utah Jazz, the legend says goodbye. You will be missed! I loved watching and hearing you say the worst curse words I've ever heard. I loved watching you stomp your feet before you stand to yell. I love ALL of your classy ties. I loved watching you get in that stupid refs face, you know the one with the slicked back hair that looks like Data on Star Trek (hate him). I love that angry look you have on your face ALWAYS.  I love when you yell at the ref and use your whole body to show him just how mad you are. 

Jerry I just love everything about you! 
 Phil too! What a side kick. 

Jerry, I bow my head and give a moment of silence for you and Phil and all of your years of making winter in Utah suck less. You are an amazing coach and Utah will miss you!

PS before you go can you make AK get a haircut, PLEASE?

Saturday, February 5


A group of Chris's friends came in town last weekend. Most of the guys were in Chris's Construction Management program at ASU. So they brought their friends/significant others for a weekend of snowboarding. We had TOO much fun and laughed all weekend. Seriously when I dropped the last of them off at the airport my abs were hurting from laughing so hard. Here are a few random pics. 

Of coarse Ralphie got to come. 

Aaron and Austin

The boys left to right:
Chris aka Swan, Aaron, Jeff, Austin, Nick, John

Austin, John, Aaron. Aaron and Jeff are twins if you are confused. 

It was such a beautiful day that we didn't do many runs this day we just chilled in the sun.
This is pretty typical for me though. 

Austin showed us all the cool things he could do with his neck gator. 

Lauren and Aaron. We met these two in Vegas last summer. They are a good time for sure. 

Wednesday, February 2

Is ANYONE out there?

I don't blog really with anyone in mind. I just sort of post what comes to mind and pictures of fun things and events that happen. Its really more for me than anyone but I tell ya, the lack of comments is really making me feel alone in my own cyber world. Oh well, I guess I don't really leave comments either. Anyway peps, just hope you're out there or I might have to just keep a journal...yuck, reminds me of Young Women's or something. HAHA! I'm sorry if that offends but I really was not a fan of Young Women's, well besides Volleyball. 

Beware, LOTS of pictures to come.

I promised more pictures of Hawaii but it has taken me forever to download them from Chris's camera. I am still very sad by the fact that my camera is dead, kaput, no more! Oh well Chris is really good about always bringing his, and by that I mean he is really good about putting it in my purse before we go somewhere. Seriously, I am getting him and European Carry-All! If Joey can pull it off...
We were the photographers for most of our pictures so sorry for all the up-the-nose shots! 
The BIGGEST cruise ship I have ever seen. Imaging losing power on tis sucker. 
Allison's nephew Ben aka "Biggie" wearing Jamie's glasses and holding his. 

I wanted to rent this little dude so bad. No Go

Molten Chocolate Cake, DELICIOUS! 

Chris and Jamie were left out of the other foursome but I don't feel too bad for them, do you?

Cheeseburger in PARADISE. Seriously PARADISE. 

View from the Golf Course 

Lily, Chris's niece, was in the water and she squaked ( there is no other name for it, hilarious)  every time a wave came in. Once I looked up from my book and saw she was NOT drowning I couldn't stop laughing. NO, i was not the one watching her, so yes, I was reading. 

Charlie's face was covered in sand and he didn't even notice

Time for lunch, can you tell?

The look on my face was because Chris wouldn't take the picture until I gave a big smile and there were about 50 people watching. PUNK!

I don't know how these kids do it, they fell asleep at the dinner table every night. Sitting straight up. They got moved to the stroller after they fall asleep, like mid-bite! I wish I could sleep anywhere. 

He thought I was being serious too, SUCKER. I'm never serious. 


My thoughts during this picture, "take the dam picture because I am staring straight into the sun and my nostrils are starting to flare" Does that happen to anyone else? 

Chris's Parents at the Luau at Grand Wailea. Amazing, especially if you got your tickets at costco.
Every time I walk in Costco I  am amazed. 

Thank you Okland Family for an amazing trip! I just wished we could have stayed longer and not flown home to 17 degree weather.