Tuesday, December 13

More Wedding

Hope you aren't sick of wedding stuff. Molly did such a good job on our pics, I have to show them off. 

Katie Herzig!

I saw Katie Herzig last summer when she opened for Brandi Carlisle. We all know how much I love Brandi but Katie was a very fresh surprise. Here are a few of her songs. While looking her videos up YouTube I found a few other goodies. 

There is no video here just music....even better. 

Just a few of the songs I like to put on that make me smile. So smile, it's almost Christmas. 

Thursday, December 8

Ok Get Ready, WEDDING!!

Ok I got my pictures from the wedding from the amazingly talented Molly Jones. Check out her website she does such an incredible job. 
We had such an amazing day. The sun came out at the last minute and we were able to have the ceremony outside (being outside was the whole reason we planned a wedding in only 5 weeks). 

Chris's sister did the flowers. They turned out really pretty. 

Smooch. Chris hates how he looks in kissing pictures but I loved this one. 

This is about as serious as the two of us get. It didn't last long...

...as you can see. I loved this because that is what we do the most of, laugh at each other. 

This pic of Chris and his mom Sandra is so cute. 

Oh my sweet daddy. Yes, I call him Daddy. I always will. 
Funny story, my dad is a little hard of hearing so as he was walking me down the isle he started singing the "here comes the bride"song (that is not what i walked down the isle to). So the music started really quite and here me and my dad come down while he is BELTING "bum bum bum bum" to the tune of here comes the bride....Hilarious and so typical! 

Noelle, me and Kleis. The 3 girls! We were all laughing pretty hard but trying to keep it together in this picture. Noelle was so ready pictures. She kept asking if it was her turn yet, weird, we usually can't get her in front of a camera. 

The full dress. 
This was actually a really comfy dress. I wish someone would have talked me into spanx though. I have a little tummy going on in most of these. Chris's grandma Jeanne passed away a few months ago and these were her pearls. Chris gave them to me a few days before the wedding and asked me to wear them. They are so beautiful and they go great with the strand my parents gave me when I turned 21. They had had them before I was even born. Noelle has a pair too. 

Well this is the crew. We all went to elementary, junior high and high school together... We've been friends forever. Love these girls. 

Our wedding day happened to be Chris's grandma Fern's birthday. So we all sang her a little happy birthday. I think she was pretty excited/embarrassed. 

That was such a good cake. Nothing bundt cake!!!

There are lots more pictures but these are a few of the ones I loves. We had a great day and shared it with great people. Chris and I are so happy and so grateful for all of the support of our amazing family and friends. 
The week after we got back from our honeymoon in Jackson Hole we started our remodel which is still going and consuming our lives and $$$. I have some good before pics and I'll get some after too. Also we are headed to the lovely island of Maui to spend Christmas with Chris's family on the beach.

Friday, December 2

Let's Be HONEST!

Ok friends. I am going to be perfectly honest with you. Yesterday, due to the crazy winds and lots of huge fallen pine trees :(, there was no power at work. So, what did I do, I went to see the Eclipse Part 1. Here is the honest part, I went BY MYSELF. Oh yes it is true I was  a sad pathetic fan who couldn't wait for a friend to go see this went and I went ALONE. I have to say I am kind of a fan of alone movies. I get the treats I want and I don't even have to share...wow, that is honest. 

I bought my self a popcorn, at least it was a Junior bag and I even practiced self restraint by getting a MEDIUM diet coke. I saw 4 rather large women eating a Xlarge popcorn all by themselves. You know, the bucket that is made out of cardboard rather than just the large bag. Oh boy. I was an interesting and educational day at the movies. Needless to say the movie was pretty good. Much better than a few of the other ones. Ok so now it is your turn. What have you done by yourself that is almost as pathetic as seeing Eclipse by yourself?

note: i have seen movies alone before but to see this particular movie alone added a whole new and sad element to the act of singular movie viewing.