Tuesday, October 26


So my Mom and I are opening and African Art Gallery called KUDU. We are so excited. Since I am an Art History Major, I have always wanted to open a gallery. When my mom got home from a trip to Africa this spring we decided that we would have an African Art Gallery to help the people with Free Trade.
We have all kinds of arts from Africa. We have hand-woven baskets, one of a kind hand-painted ceramics, jewelry, photographs, and original paintings. We are really excited to bring these amazing works of art to Utah and at the same time help African's make a living for their families.

We are also working with  a man named Paul  Verryn. He is a Methodist Minister living in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has over 2,000 people living in his church at any given time. The people are Zimbabwean refugees. He was recently in Salt Lake to meet with the LDS Humanitarian Services to get help and get new ideas about how to help these people. He is truly an amazing person and definitely a man of God. He has a few videos on YouTube so you can see what he is doing. Check out one of them here.
We will be selling bracelets at the gallery to help Paul raise money for his church to help the refugees get on their feet. If these Zimbabweans don't managed to integrate into the South African communities they will be sent home, to Zimbabwe, and death is most likely what awaits them there. If you would like to help, come by and buy a bracelet, they are only $10. Every little bit helps.

We are opening on Tuesday November 16th so come by and see us sometime. 2100 S. 2155 E. Salt Lake City. 801.583.5838.

Wednesday, October 20

Other summer fun!

So Chris and I had a pretty fun summer. We did some hiking, biking, swimming, concert going and vacationing. I had a great summer. Thanks Chris!

Chris' friend Matt offered him tickets last minute to see Dave Matthews. Dave's not my favorite but Chris loves him.
I think he does those weird rock outs way too much. Chris did not enjoy my air guitar everytime I thought Dave got carried away. I thought I was pretty funny. 

We went to Denver for Reggae on the Rocks at Red Rocks
While we were in Denver we took advantage. We ate great food did some of the best people watching I've ever done and enjoyed a Rockies game. The lady next too me loved my purple shoes...someone else who loves purple, YES!

The little kid in front of us was so cute, until the game got loud so he put his fingers in his ears.
Then he preceded to show us all the giant glob of wax on his finger from his ear. EWWW!

We didn't get very many pics but this is the coolest place ever. They always have lots of good concerts so I highly recommend you pay it a visit. 
Some guy was walking past us and kind of stumbled, he totally grabbed my boob and then looked very surprised.
Apparently the hair really threw him off. The best part is that Chris gave him the look of death and he apologized about 100 times to Chris and never to me. 

Chris' family has a condo in Park City so we stayed up there a few weekends ago. It is the most beautiful time of year up there. We had my friend T and her husband Jim up. My little bro Connor and his girlfriend Tiff also joined in the fun. The next night Chris' friends Mike, Abbie, Suda, and Chris came up for dinner. We had so much fun.

The night wouldn't be complete without T and I doing something to embarrass the boys.  I like to call this "The Main Street lap dance".

Chris and I went to Park City Resort for an awesome Mexican dinner and the Zip Line. Just not in that order.

This summer and fall were so fun...I'm not ready for winter.

Tuesday, October 19

Happy Birthday Big Brother!

Richie is my older brother and he is 31 today! Yep, old as dirt. He lives in Phoenix so I never get to see him or his wife. Richie is probably the mushiest of us all. He has a huge heart and can be very sweet. He's always good for a Gollum impersonation or a direct movie quote. He is so entertaining and always fun to have around. 

You two are so thug. 

I love you big brother. You are the best. I miss you and wish I could see you more. Hurry up and finish school and get your butt back here. PLEASE! Happy birfday gus gus!!

Backpacking in the Uintahs

Chris and I did lots of fun stuff this summer. We backpacked in the Uintahs with our friends Chris and Suda. We had such a good time. It was pretty funny. I've never backpacked before so it was definitely a learning experience. 
After 30 minutes of hiking we already needed a break. A little beef jerky and some mambas got us on the move again.
Poor little Ralphy got so many burrs and pine needles in his fur and he was so miserable. We would pick them out and 10 seconds later he had twice as many. Poor guy.
Suda and Chris
Hiking in.
Nothing like a hot can of soup by the fire.

Enjoying the campfire in Chris' sweet chairs.
Chris had to make sure his Norwegian nose didn't get fried...I think it still did. ;)
My collar bones were already hurting and we hadn't even started hiking yet.

                                 Chris and Suda before we started the hike. Suda's backpack was as big as her, it was pretty funny. 

Brushing our teeth. Even though Chris doesn't look like it, he had fun. 

Can Too Much Purple Be WRONG?

Purple happens to be my most favorite color ever! I don't know why but I love it. I have come to the realization that many recent purchases are purple. I don't know if any of you, assuming anyone reads this, has seen "PINKY" walking around town but I am going to be him but ALL purple. Here are my most recent purple obsessions.

The Patagonia Shoulder Bag
thanks Chris
I wanted some black shoes for running in the winter because they get so dirty, of coarse they had to have a little purple on them but Nike just doesn't make black and purple. So, I suppose all purple will have to do.

They are so pretty I don't want to run in them. FYI these are called the LunarGlide+2, they are the best running shoes. I have run in pretty much every kind of shoe and usually Nikes don't really fit me but these are awesome. They also have tons of colors if purple isn't your thing although I don't know why it wouldn't be. Check them out HERE.

Monday, October 18


So lots of changes in the past year, some I'll mention and some not but one of the biggest is my hair, or lack there of. This is the last picture I have with long hair. In August I got a wild "hair" and decided that I wanted to look like a boy for the next year or two. So I went from this,


It is so short and so hard to get used to. Don't think there weren't a few tears shed on be half of my long lost locks. But now its grown out and grown on me. I still wouldn't say I like it, but there is nothing I can do now. So one change blogged about, many to go.