Monday, September 26

Exciting, Exciting!!

Connlly DeVoe Williams {my new nephew} 
Was born Thursday September 22, @ 5:25ish pm. 
He was  6.12lbs and 20 or 21 inches..I forget. He is the cutest thing ever!
Love him so much already.I have yet to hear a peep out of him. 
Ok NOW we are engaged. Chris and I got engaged on Friday the 23rd. 

He was so sweet. He took me to Park City to spend the night and just get away. We ate at Cafe Terigo on Main Street, which is so amazing, then we went back to his family's condo. He asked me to let the dogs out and he would be right out. He said he had a new app on his iphone he wanted to try out.  It's the one where you point it at the stars and it shows you which constellations you are looking at. Chris was pointing them out to me and I couldn't see one of them so he was telling me to look right where his finger was pointing. On the end of that lovely paw was the ring. I grabbed his hand to see what it was and he got down on one knee. So cute. I actually cried. I always thought it was weird when people say they cried but I did. Not a lot but I had a few little tears.  
I am so excited. Chris is so amazing and I am really lucky to spend my life with him. 

Wednesday, September 21

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!!

 I am not a gambler! I don't see the point or the appeal. I think it is a quick way to loose money fast. Since my few pennies are precious to me {say that in the Gollum voice if you like} I can't watch some fat-fingered-angry dealer take them from me, Yes they all have fat fingers. So why did I got to Vegas last weekend you ask? Well I got a phone call from my friend Allison last wednesday, it went like this.

"Um Lawrence ( that's me) what are you doing this weekend?'
"Um Hi Alice (that's her) nothing, why?"
" Want to go to Vegas and see Ke$ha...for free?"
"Whaaaa, really?'
"Ya, Alex bailed on me (her brother) and I have everything all paid for."
"Um, hell yes! let me see if Kleis ( my mom) can work for me."

a few phone calls to my mom and chris in between.

"Alice, I'm in!!!"
"Seriously?! Let me see if I can get the ticket in your name." Click
"Alice? Alice?"
A few minutes later.
"Lawrence I'm so excited I'm sweating!"
"Me too!!"
"Ok sweet!"
"Alice? Alice" Click again. We were both pretty excited, I'm not sure who hung up on who this time.

So we packed all the glitter we could and headed out with Allison's friends Chris and Lindsey Hatch. They are hilarious. Chris Hatch flies all the time and is so funny about it.. I quickly named him Clooney, from Up In The Air. Clooney stuck and by the end he was responding to it.

 We had so much fun. We got all freaked out for Ke$ha and people were just staring at us. Seriously we freaked people out. We weren't even wearing weird clothes just weird makeup. I refuse to believe that we were the biggest freaks in Vegas but people seemed to think we were.
Lindsey looked cute. this was her idea of getting Ke$ha'd out. Lame Lindsey. 

The BEST part was LMFAO. They put on such a good show. They are hilarious and they and their dancers were amazing. They had some guys from America's Best Dance Crew up there. 

Alice bought some glasses that did some pretty cool stuff. 
She tried to sneak a snickers while i wasn't looking. I called it "sneakin a snick" 
We laughed so hard at that one. 

This was a limo my friends not a semi. 
This is Holly Madison's porsche. Yep it's pink people. 
I tried to buy Ralph a good lookin tux but they didn't have his size. Bummer. 
Cupcake beenies I seriously wanted this one so bad. 

The maids at our hotel were awesome. This is what we found after breakfast one morning. Loved them!!

Vegas was a good time. We laughed so hard and did tons of shopping. I would much rather my money go to clothes than gambling. Don't worry though Alice managed to get in plenty of gambling. That is how she paid for the trip...gambling points. Gotta love it. 

Just for your enjoyment, we watched this video about a hundred times trying to learn the shuffle. These guys are hilarious!!

Monday, September 12

Happy Day!!!!

 No I am not engaged but my little brother Connor is!!! Here is beautiful Tiffanie showing off her new ring. So pretty. He did pretty good if you ask me. 

I went up to my dad's spec house in Park City and decorated with rose pedals. It turned out really pretty.

We are so excited about this match. Tiffanie is so cute. Chris and I spend a lot of time with these two and as an older, somewhat protective older sister, I am always a little skeptical but, Tiff and Connor are so great together and I know they will be such a happily married couple, after all I did introduce them! 

Congratulations you two, we could not be more happy for you!!!! I love you both. 

Meal Catch Up

Ok so let's get started on this meal thing. I am not very good at taking pictures of my food but I will try to get better at it so you can see if it looks appetizing too.

Sunday was a long day of traveling home from Cancun so we had my brother and his girlfriend over to relax and play games and they brought their own dinner. {I know that makes me a horrible hostsess} But they had a delicious Domino's pizza. The New Veggie. I had one slice and was very impressed.

Was Labor Day and seeing as we had just stuffed our faces for an entire week, we had cereal for dinner. But not just any cereal, we like to mix this and this. {weird that you can buy cereal on amazon, I don't}

Tuesday- TACOS
We still hadn't gone to the store since our trip so we had TACOS.
I fry up tortillas, 2 flour for chris and 2 corn for me, heat up a little casserole of black beans, chicken, taco seasoning and cheese, add lettuce, tomatoes and whatever salsa we have, chris then adds sour cream {i despise sour cream}, a little more cheese and you are set. So easy and so good.

Aha! We made it to the store. I love this recipe. If you don't know how to butterfly chicken, like I didn't, a good tutorial here. Even though is sounds tricky it is so easy and so good.
Recipe here. I serve mine over whole wheat pasta, usually spaghetti is what I have on hand.
note: if you do make this recipe, you MUST take it off the heat when you add the lemon juice and chicken stock. it's in the recipe but i just wanted to make a point of it.


I love Bruschetta so I just take a handful of Basil out of the garden, dice some tomatoes, one garlic clove, olive oil, a little balsamic, salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with crustinis . I use a loaf of french bread and slice it. I brush each side with olive oil and put in frying pan or on BBQ. I prefer the BBQ it gives it a little more flavor. Serve while bread is hot. I like bruschetta at room temperature.
Last minute Chris's friend showed up with New York Steaks for the 3 of us. That he put some kind of seasoning on and BBQed. I also snazzed up the plate with some Kalamata olives, anchovy stuffed olives, salami, and fresh mozzarella.  I didn't get a picture of the steak since it was an add on but it was tasty. I ate it with steak sauce.  It is amazing.

Friday: PAWIT'S
Pawit's is the best Thai food. Check out their menu.
Our new try this time was Pad Kee Mao: Drunken stir-fried meat with garlic, broccoli, red and green bell peppers, mushrooms,carrots, spicy Thai chilies, and Thai basil. This was so good. We always get the spring rolls and the Pad Thai with shrimp. Yum! Speaking of, left over Pad Thai might be for dinner tonight. 

Saturday: PANINI
Chris went to LA for the U game so I was on my own. I took some left over ingredients and made a delicious Panini. Salami, fresh mozzarella, bruschetta, and pesto. Grilled to perfection. It was so good, i had to fight off Ralph and my mom's new puppy {I eat on the couch when I am alone}. 

We went to Chris's mom's and had the best blue cheese stuffed burgers, clam dip, the biggest best raspberries, quinoa salad {made by Chris's sis-in-law Kristin}, oh, and  a slice of homemade bbq chicken pizza oops! Sandra, Chris's mom, always has so many yummy choices. She also served brownies and ice cream for dessert. It was delicious. 

So I realize that I need more pictures of this stuff but here you go. These are all delicious meals and I don't make anything that takes too long since I work full time. So good luck. Let me know what you think of the things you try. 

Wednesday, September 7

As you read in my last post...if you read my last post, we went to CANCUN!!! It was so dang fun. Chris and I met up with his friends (now my friends) Lauren and Aaron. They are so much fun. We have made  an annual trip with these two every september. Well starting last year but we plan to continue for a long time. We have such a good time with them. it is so funny that Lauren and I have the same name but she pronounces it Loren so I honestly don't even feel like we have the same name at all. It is so weird. Random thought there HA. We stayed at the LIVE AQUA and it did not disappoint. If you are going to Cancun, this is where you want to stay. Rooms great, food amazing, staff so nice, pool perfect. 
 Chris invested in an underwater camera. It was so fun. 
 Although its a little tricky to get everyone in the picture.
 When you stand back it looks like the pool melts into the ocean. It was so cool. 

 Those seagulls were on the edge of the pool. 

 This is another angle so you can see. 

 Aw so cute
 Aaron and Lauren
 Smallest McDonalds ever.
 My favorite waiter worked her. He was so cute and tiny. Alfredo, I wanted to put him in my pocket and bring him home. 

 Again from my last post, this is the Sea Bass I talked about. AMAZING. 
 I think this was a Beef Tenderloin that Chris got, it made me rethink my feelings about red meat. 
 Aaron's twin Jeff and his girlfriend Mollie had a wedding down there so they came to our hotel one day to hang out. Chris went to school with Jeff and that is how he met Aaron, just in case you were wondering. 
L: Aaron R: Jeff

 My new bestie. Love her. She is so sweet. 

 These boys are so dang funny together. 
 I can't believe that he went under with those glasses, those things are his pride and joy. 
 Shockingly enough Chris got fried. Poor guy. 

Cancun was so much fun and such a good send off to the summer. It was so nice to come home and have to wear a little sweatshirt at night. I love this time of year. I also LOVE Cancun!

Tuesday, September 6

Food! Glorious Food!

Yay! I am so excited that you all are excited about my food idea. What is so funny is after I wrote that post I thought for a second that I was completely crazy and stupid and that no one would ever care what I eat. But I see that you people love food as much as I do. So, let the meals begin.

I was in Cancun last week, holla! SO much fun and such delicious food. Obviously I didn't walk back in the kitchen to get any recipes but I will describe in detail some of my most favorite mouth-watering meals.

The meal I fell the most in love with was Shrimp Ceviche. Ever had it? It was totally amazing. The closest recipe I found was here. The best way to describe it is take the best pico de gallo you've ever had,  squeeze a fresh lime over it and add fresh shrimp.  This is seriously the best meal ever. We ate it with freshly-made-still-warm-tortilla chips. Delicious. A fresh and healthy meal, well minus the chips. Perfect for eating in your suit and cover up {the cover up is key, trust me, many more people should cover up} while in an ocean front restaurant.

They brought out a bowl with tortilla strips, avacado, corn and probably something else, then they bring out the piping hot soup in a pitcher and pour it over everything. SO amazing. I have yet to find a recipe that I really love but when I do I will share. It will happen this fall for sure. I will probably do one with chicken in it. As Chris says "it's not a meal without meat" something I don't understand as I am not a huge meat person.

Oh so good. Grilled Sea Bass over zucchini, carots, and broccoli with a balsamic vinegar reduction. Those veggies must have been soaked in butter because they were amazing. I have a picture of this that I will post later.

Ever had paella? With this was pretty much paella rice with veggies mixed in. Oh I could have eaten this for every meal. It was so delicious. I have a great paella recipe I am dying to try and I will report.

Ok, last mexican dish. This was quite possibly the freshest Ahi I have ever had. It was cubed and marinated in some kind of soy sauce and put on a bed of chopped avocado. Served with the same delicious tortilla chips. It looked almost exactly like this. The other restaurant we ate at served it over couscous instead of avocado. Recipe for picture here. I'll have to give it a whirl although I'm sure its going to be hard to find Ahi as fresh.

We had such a great time in Mexico and these are just a few of the amazing meals we had there. I will post some pics of good food and lots of fun soon. For now I hope that got your buds twangin.