Tuesday, January 25


i really had no intention of posting about this but when i downloaded this picture to look at it bigger, well you can see for yourself. 
chris and i went up to park city for the night. stupid us, we didn't even know sundance was going on until we were getting ready to go. so we decided to make the most of our stay. 
we ate at EASY STREET, amazing! and walked around on main street. 
as we were walking out of the restaurant we ran into these sexy ladies, notice the facial hair. 

of coarse i had to take the picture and as i did chris went to peek his head in the back and make a face but as he did they saw him and cleared a spot to include him. 
he told me as we walked away that one of those beautiful "women" grabbed his...you know what! 
i was laughing so hard i almost peed my pants right in the middle of main street. 

apparently chris made quite the impression! 

Wednesday, January 19


My mom and I have spent a lot of time together over the last few months. I guess starting a business together will do that. I am not the most patient person in the world and sometimes I get a little short with the poor woman. Now that she is in San Diego for 5 months, I really miss her. I miss her crazy antics and constant discussion about anything from quantum physics to scuba diving to the best books ever. I can only keep up on a few of her topics. So here is a little tribute to my mother. She is so funny and especially crazy. I suppose the apple didn't fall far from the tree there :) Miss you mama! 
I suppose it is time to get an updated picture.

Saturday, January 15


My dad was getting rid of an old Polaroid camera and the hoarder in me stopped him. This is almost unheard of. First: my dad throwing something away, I had to be there to believe it myself. Second: while online looking for film for this little gem i cam across a Free, thats right FREE download to turn pics into polaroids. I'm sure i'm the last to know about this but I am one happy camper to have found it. Unfortunately i don't really know how to use it yet but here is what I have figured out so far. 

This is from Hawaii. I still need to post these pics but they are on Chris's camera, mine is KAPUT!

Pretty cool right? Hell yes!

Here is the website for the few of you I beat to the punch. 


If you are like me, you are always looking for new restaurants. Don't get me wrong I still love Cafe Rio and Red Butte but sometimes a little variation in my diet makes me a happy girl. SO...Chris and I went to Kathmandu last night. It was really good and very close to Chris's house. When it is this cold outside I get a little lazy and would rather have a grilled cheese than venture out in the freeeeezing weather. Needless to say if you are a good restaurant in my perimeter, you will get eaten at a lot
If you like Indian food then Kathmandu is a must. If you don't, its your loss!

Friday, January 14


I get background ADD. Seriously! I will probably change this stupid thing once a month. They just start to drive me insane! Whenever life gets you down and you feel like nothing is in your control, BYE BYE background! Ha. No it's not that dramatic, just plain boredom. 

Quick Treat!

Can I get an AMEN for Razzleberry Tea by Peace Tea?! Seriously this stuff is AMAZING!
The boyfriend, wise as usual, introduced me the other day and I am not sorry he did!

Now that I have OFFICIALLY quit drinking Diet Coke...I know, I know. For those of you who know me well (assuming any of you read this blog) quitting Diet Coke is huge and I mean huge! Believe what you will, I have not had one for over a week. That may not be long for some of you but for me...   a lifetime. 
I will say that I feel GREAT! After those initial withdrawal headaches wear off 
(I never said I wasn't an addict). 
Now to replace my craving for the sound of a can being cracked at a ridiculously early hour is 
Peace Tea. Love it!

Wednesday, January 5

My "Santa" Rules!

So I have very mixed feelings about this Christmas, in case you couldn't tell by my last post. 

My brothers are both in South African and have been for a while, their trip totals 5 weeks. I think they will be home in 10 days! YES! I have really missed them. Even though Richie and Susan live in Arizona it is just sad knowing they are so far away. I can't text Richie movie quotes and I can't ask Sue any recipe questions. AH! Connor is my best little buddy. We have a great time harassing each other on a regular basis and I love his girlfriend Tiff! We have really gotten close over that past 6ish months. After all I did introduce them. Chris hassles me to no end about how much I have missed my brothers. Especially because Connor is basically my roommate so it has been different not having to make meals for him. I'm sad and want my family HOME! ok.

Needless to say our Christmas was smaller in numbers than we are used to. PLUS my parents have left for their annual 5 MONTH trip to San Diego. They high-tailed it out of here Christmas day. Apparently they were cold. BOO HOO. 

However "Santa" spoiled me!

I love the Lord of the Rings...What? I Do. I can admit that I am a dork. My favorite is the Two Towers. I have wanted to rent it because movies are the best on Christmas day. What do you know, it was in my stocking. Santa was listening. 

I also received some very cute socks. The comment I got after pulling those out of my stocking was, "I know if I buy you something that is goofy looking and purple, you'll love it". 

How is a girl supposed to respond to a comment like this. Personally I put my new socks on and started dancing around the room while talking in my lispy voice that drives Chris INSANE. Sucker!

I also got some playing cards. Chris and I both have a somewhat friendly competitive side. Lately I have spanked him in card games and he is currently winning our ongoing scrabble game. So we both got each other cards. HA! You are going down my friend!

Ok so I'll cut right to it. I got the cutest new ski jacket...guess what color? Ha! I love it. 

Check it out!

 He did good right? Now all I have to do is dust off the ol' skis and get my butt out there. 
If that was not enough I just got back from 10 days in Maui. It was in the 80s the whole time. Pictures to come in my next post. 

We had a good time with Chris's parents and his brother's cute little family. 

The Store, Kudu, had a great first holiday season as well. Hopefully with many more to come. 

I'm sorry to list everything I got for Christmas, I know it is kind of snotty, but my spirits were a little low this year until... my family and friends cheered me right up with their love and thoughtfulness. 
What more could a girl ask for?

Overall, a very good Christmas, minus a few loved ones.