Monday, October 24

The Count Down Is ON!

Well today is Monday, October 24th and we are getting married Saturday, October 29th. So people, the count down is on. Planning this wedding has been fun and relatively mellow. We have decided that we want to enjoy this day instead of having flashbacks of how fast it went by. So we are doing a small dinner with 53 of our closest family and friends. Something that I am excited about is spending this day with Chris. With a huge reception I swear the bride and groom don't see each until it's over. That is if they don't want a line, which I am violently apposed to. Yes, Violently Opposed to. Hopefully having this sit down dinner we will be able to enjoy each other and really take in the importance of this big day. We thought it best to not have any kids to the wedding so that everyone could really relax and enjoy themselves. I have to admit no kids is kind of bitter sweet. The 15 nieces and nephews that Chris and I have are some of the sweetest kids we know but together they are a rambunctious group. So Chris's parents are having a dinner the night before so all the kids and family that aren't coming to the wedding can celebrate. We are really excited to share this day with those closest to us. Our friend Molly is doing our photography and she does a great job so we'll have pictures to share soon. 
Wish us luck that the weather cooperates. Its supposed to get cold. 

Oh and just as a side note, check out this adorable shoes I have on order for the party the night before. 
Cute right? 

Tuesday, October 11

So Busy!

Planning a wedding, I forgot how time consuming it can be. Good grief! We finally decided on Millcreek Inn with 50 of our closest family and friends. Since we both have decent sized families, this was a hard one to narrow down. Here is the cute wedding invitation we chose. 
Obviously this is not us but aren't they cool. Especially for a wedding up Millcreek Canyon. We are getting really excited. Now if only my ding dang ring would get back from the manufacturer, it's being sized. I only got to wear that sucker for 2 days and now it has been gone for over 2 weeks. LAME. Cross your fingers its here for the wedding. 
Anyway, that is what has been happening in my life. 
This weekend I was supporting my handsome fiance in Moab as he did the 24 Hour Challenge. Basically him and 3 friends were on a team and they relay on mountain bikes. Did i mention it was below freezing almost the whole time. So DAMN cold, pardon my french but it was. Hopefully I can steal some pics from people because I was too cold to even think about my camera. 
Ok hopefully i'll have something worthy of a post coming up here soon. 
Have a great day.