Friday, October 26


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Tuesday, September 11

So Tacky I know!

So I do realize that this is pretty tacky but we have some furniture we are looking to get rid of. 
Call it nesting or what you will but the time has come. 

We have a set of 5 modern barstools. They are contoured and therefore, comfortable. 
We are only asking $150 for the set of 5. 

Granite top table with 6 chairs. 
This table is in awesome shape and below is a better picture of the granite. 
$500 is what we are asking. 

These tables actually all match and were made as a set. We are willing to split them up or sell as a set. Discount offered if sold as a set of 3. 

Granite Console table $250. Also in great shape! 

This table is almost square, its 36x30" 
Asking $200
It would be an awesome card table or perfect for a small breakfast nook,
 really there is a lot you can do with it. 

We love all of these tables and they are in really good shape. 

If you are at all interested in any of these, leave me a comment or email me:

Friday, July 27

Has the time come?

I think with all the changes coming up in our life we are going to start a new blog and make it private. I definitely don't want to show the world how huge I am already getting with this baby so.... I think we shall continue this in a more private setting. 
You guys know the drill, leave your email in the comments. Seriously I know that no one really reads this blog but if you have some interest in following our upcoming adventures please leave your email. 

Thanks all!

Wednesday, July 11

It's a...

YAY! We are so excited. I can't even believe it. From the first time I heard the heart beat I had a motherly feeling it was a boy. Don't ask me how or why, I just had a feeling. So I guess my intuition is right so far!! 

Such a bad picture of a picture but here is his cute little profile. 

And there are the family jewels. Ha this poor kid. already nothing is sacred. 

Wednesday, June 20


I was just going through my posts and I guess I uploaded these photos but didn't post them. 

Chris surprised me with a trip to Disneyland for my birthday! I seriously was so excited. I thought we were going to Park City but when I woke up he handed me a card. 

Out fell our itinerary with tickets to Disneyland. I have been bugging Chris to take me to the happiest place on earth for a while so I was so excited. 
These pictures are not in order. 

This duck was psycho! Eating that bread as fast as possible. 

The first night we stayed in Burbank with our good friends Lauren and Aaron. We love these two, they are up for a good time always! 

Chris's artistic attempt at the matterhorn
Thunder Mountain, arguably one of my most favorite rides. 

Love these guys! takes a lot of confidence to pull this outfit off. 

Chris is a goofball and threw away his fast pass so we waited for the other two. 

This is so mean but check out this lady's beard. She was very nice though. 

I wanted that cookie. 
I got that cookie and it was so disappointing. 
After Disneyland we headed to Huntington Beach. I loved this place, pretty jealous my cousin lives right there. 
A little beach cruising fun! Aaron was on a skateboard.
I was the only one who had not been on this ride and I was crouched down behind the dorks with their arms up. I could not catch my stomach and I may have peed a little bit on this ride. 

We went and saw my fist Cirque Du Soleil show in Hollywood. It was so stinking cool. 

The boys think the swings are stupid...not even, they are the best. 
Our hotel in Huntington. I would totally recommend it. It was so amazing. 

From the pier. 

Don't worry I fell off the cruiser and this was my battle wound. it was so much worse than this. I somehow manage to leave everywhere with a lovely wound. 

We seriously had the best time. I am so lucky to have Chris, he treats me so well. I am a very lucky lady. 

I'll Wasatch your back if you Wasatch mine

I got a call last week on Monday from my sister that said "how do you feel about doing me a huge favor?"
My natural instinct is to do anything I can for my sister so of course I said "sure, what?"

long pause.........."want to run the Wasatch Back with me? PLEASEEEEE" 
She laid it on real thick.

Oh my hell seriously? I have run maybe a handful of times since the half marathon in April and that's about it. This pregnancy has got me soooo tired that I literally hadn't cook in over a month and laundry was slacking. Chris and I were on the verge of wearing swimsuits as underwear. 

long pause......."really? I don't think i can do it sis, I am so tired just thinking about it?"

"Please it will be so much fun"

I really couldn't argue there because Noelle and I can laugh at absolutely anything. I knew it would be fun to be with her. 

I had a doctors appointment the next day and if I got the green light, I would run. 

Unfortunately I got the green light as long as I had someone take my hottest run, too dehydrating! 

My nephew James said he would run it so I was IN!

Utah is so beautiful

The chick in the green look EXACTLY like Gene Simmons. 

Noelle laughing so hard she was crying. You can't see the tears.

I couldn't get this guy to turn around but he was one classy dude in one very classy shirt.

Noelle did so well I am so proud of her. Here she had just run the first leg of rangar and handed off to Jessie who ran the second half. They both did awesome. 

We are badasses and put our tattoos on our necks. 

We both lived in these large hooded jackets...there are no words for this girl. 

SO much fun. I am really glad I did it even though I am still tired :)

I think Noelle and I could make each other laugh through pretty much anything. I love her! 

Wednesday, June 13


You guys I can not even believe I am writing this right now. But I am pretty dang excited to announce to my blog friends (do I have any blog friends?) That Chris and I are expecting our first little Okland in January!! Holy Cow that is crazy and thrilling all at the same time.

This is how we told our families:

Poor guy hated this little shirt. I think it was made of short fat puppies not tall skinny ones! hehe

So we put this shirt on him and went to my parents first (i'm sure no one cares but I want to have this all written down somewhere so that someday I can reread it) 

We went to my parents house and told them to come see our new trailer, when we got outside they ignored Ralph and couldn't stop talking about our cool new trailer. Then finally my mom says: 
"are you guys getting a puppy" My thought, are you crazy woman!!! 
Chris says "Lauren might be having a puppy" Hugs, kisses, etc.
My dad is still staring at the trailer cause he can't hear what is going on. 
Finally my sister wrangles him up and says "dad, this is not about the dam trailer, look at the dog"
My dad has a bewildered look. 
My sister mumbles to me "oh my hell" says to him "they are having a baby!!!" 
Immediate tears flow from his sweet little eyes. Softest guy ever! I love him. 

It was pretty fun!

We told Chris's parents on a friday night because they wanted to go to dinner and I was so sick. Instead of them thinking their daughter-in-law was the crankiest person ever, we thought we better tell them. 
They were really excited! But when Sandra (Chris's mom) saw Ralph she said 
"Is Ralph in his pajamas?" Hilarious! 
Then she read the shirt and everyone was happy!

On Monday, Sandra and Randy were nice enough to help us get everyone together so we could tell them. They told everyone to come swim and eat homemade ice cream. 

So we were all sitting around hanging out and waiting for everyone to arrive and Sandra kind of winked at us. like "its time" so we put the shirt on Ralph and let him wander. It was pretty hot so he just laid under the table where no one could see him. So Sandra started calling him and kind of walking him around pointing at him, I think she was done waiting for people to notice. Finally Chris's sister read it out loud and Chris's Sister-in-law screamed!
 it was funny but kind of scared the crap out me at the same time. 
Sandra brought out ice cream with little babies on top! She had gone all out and we all just thought we were having ice cream. So nice of her. 

Anyway, that is the story of telling everyone.

We are really excited to meet Ralph Jr. (as Chris calls him/her) on January 4th. We are 11 weeks along and so excited this first trimester is almost over! ;) 
Strange feeling its a boy but I'm sure I'm wrong.