Monday, December 20

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Well this year I didn't get a tree. I didn't last year either. Its not as fun when you are the only one who gets to enjoy it. My kitty doesn't quite appreciate the effort that goes into decorating a tree so I opted not to this year. I'm sort of sad about it but oh well. So what I decided to do was just decorate the apartment. Also I have done some serious catalog shopping...well if you don't buy anything its window shopping but in a catalog??? who knows. Anyway here are a few of my favorites.

I thought these were all adorable. But there is not enough room on this blog for all the ornaments that I love so just check them out here. I also LOVE this fire place. I think it would be so cool in a cabin. Someday I would love to be able to have a holiday full of Mackenzie-Childs but for now, the catalog will just have to do.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 13

Food! Fun! Friends!

Is there anything better? 
Chris hosted the annual Christmas party for his friends this year and it did not disappoint. There was an ugly sweater contest, white elephant, dinner, and games! Here are three of the contestants.

 We were voted the best dressed couple. I won the ugly sweater and Chris was runner up. I love this sweater, it always wins!!! Yes, I love a victory!
 The Lawrences are the game masters. They put together a series of games from the show minutes to win it. They are so great to put it all together. 
 Ralphy in his sweater. The Thorleys brought their puppy so Ralph was tuckered out. 
 Tie 4 knots in a string using one hand. 
 Pulling tissue out of a box one at a time. 
 Chris got a pretty good rhythm down. 
 Knock over a pyramid of cups with rubber bands.
 Wow! How do I describe this one. I'll have to upload the video to show you. There are no words!

 Get an Oreo in your mouth from your forehead, NO HANDS!

 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
 Unwrap a starburst
 Bounce ping pong balls out of an empty box tied around your waist. HILARIOUS!

 Ralph had too many snacks and got gas. Haynie's face is priceless!

Playing the bells. Paul was so serious, I couldn't stop laughing. 

We were active participants in Paul's sharing time activity. 

I can only speak for myself but I had a great time. These guys do Christmas parties right. Thanks to everyone for bringing stuff and helping out. You are the best. 

Wednesday, December 1


The MOST amazing BBQ place ever! Those of you who know me well will be very surprised by this post. I don't really like BBQ I like salty foods and I am not a fan of red meat. If I have to eat it I can but it is definitely not my first choice by any means. So, family has been raving this stupid restaurant for years. Somehow I have always gotten out of going because its BBQ. Chris and I went down to San Diego and Chris loves BBQ. Being the good girlfriend that I am, I got directions from my Dad and off we went. We pulled up to this.

I was not happy. It was like when Cafe Rio first opened here. PLUS I wasn't even excited for BBQ

So i know that this looks like the most disgusting thing ever but it was so good.  Two chicken breasts smothered in the best sauce. It has been a long time since I've had a baked potato and this one did not disappoint.  I thought that since Chris got to eat his ribs with his fingers I should get to eat my chicken with mine, I should have taken a picture of his face...he was disgusted! 
Quite possibly the best onion rings ever. They serve them with ranch dressing. 

Since the weather and the Utes had been so bad we decided not to go to the U game but we hit up the Chargers game instead. GO CHARGERS! haha they beat the Broncos...Chris's team. It was a sweet victory for my team. 

In the baggage claim at the airport are these funny little people. They made me laugh. Little did I know it would be the last smile on my face that day since we were flying into Salt Lake last Tuesday...into "The Storm of the Century". Worst flight of my life and I already hate flying.

Well that was my trip to San Diego. Decent weather, fun activities, amazing food and even better company!

Sunday, November 14

Chicago/Where were the Utes?

Finally, Chicago! I have been waiting for years to go to Chicago. Obviously it is an awesome city but there is so much amazing art there. I have studied a ton of different art that resides in Chicago. We hit up the The Art Institute of Chicago. 

The Art Institute was so amazing, it reminded me of why I studied Art History. Seriously, it made me want to get my Masters. I honestly was in heaven. I wish I could have gone to all of the museums in Chicago. But if I had to go to one, it would have been the Art Institute. 

We hit up Millennium Park, with the amphitheater and the bean. It was cool to see it all. I've heard about these things for years so it was fun to finally see what everyone has been talking about. 

Here are a few of my most favorite of the paintings I saw.  Also other different, amazing architecture that is in Chicago.

We went for the Utah game in Notre Dame but I don't really have much to say about that...I think you all know why!

Wednesday, November 10

Finally Kudu is OPENING for Business!!!

It has been a very long time coming but finally we are opening our Gallery next week. We are having a "soft opening" Monday for family and friends from 4-8. Then we will be open regular business hours starting Tuesday November 16th.

This is a Kudu! Just in case some of you were wondering...
I'm just assuming that some people read this blog but probably not.

Unfortunately over half our inventory is stuck in New York in customs (anyone know how we can pull and strings). But the show must go on. With the holiday season upon us we really need to get open.

So, if you consider yourself friend or family, come by Monday night. If you can't make it we will be open Tuesday-Saturday from 11-6.

Wednesday, November 3

A thing or 2!

I'm pretty sure Halloween is my favorite holiday. Actually I'm sure of it, Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year did not disappoint. Luckily Chris was pretty willing to get into it with me. Don't get me wrong he gets into Halloween and stuff but when I showed him this picture as a potential costume choice...
Well I think you can understand his hesitation. 

But before Halloween, my sister and bro-in-law went out of town so we got to watch my niece and nephew. We picked out pumpkins and carved them. Then we watched Witches. My nephew, cutest little guy ever, is scared of his own shadow so when he said he'd watch it, I was stoked. 
Here are a few photos from the night.

I didn't tell him to make that face. He just gets  into it.  LOVE HIM!

Walkie did the his own pumpkin...solo. He rocked it. 
Kennedy and I did the Moon on the right. Chris' pumpkin didn't get photographed because it took him through almost the whole movie to perfect it. He is such a perfectionist. 

Now for our costumes! We bounced around a few ideas but, this one won. I think it turned out pretty good. 

If you don't know what the things are, then I'm sorry but you should. 

For old times sake I HAD to throw in some teeth for the actual Halloween night. 

Just a side note, I didn't even trick-or-treat and I ate more candy than I did as a kid. UGH!