Thursday, January 26


Very grainy and not very flattering picture, but the reason...AMAZING! I got LASIK friends and it has been so amazing. I am so happy to be done with the itching, the scratching, and the grainy feelings in my sockets! OH how great to wake up and go, to not be wishing i could tear my eyes out at a late nite movie. I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. I got mine done at HOOPES and had a great experience. My eyes did get a little dry one night and I actually felt my little flap rip open a hurt like you know what. But after a few extra weeks of extra drops, these suckers are seeing 20/20 and i could not be happier about it. I am so excited to camp and waterski and such things without putting my dirty paws in my eyes. 

Note about the picture...i took this after Chris taped these lovely things on my face. He was talking and doing it at the same time when all of the sudden he spit all over my face, by the time i figured out what was going on, he was in a full blown laugh attack. VERY FUNNY CHRISTOPHER!!! then he says to me "have you looked at yourself in these"...another outburst of laughter. I took this picture to see what was so dang funny. I guess it is funny but really it was funnier watching him laugh at me. 

If you are thinking about LASIK, do it. But get a referral from a doc to save some $$

Wednesday, January 18


My mom sent my this video today and I love it. She and I both have a "unique" sense of style. That is to say, everyone thinks we are NUTS! I used to be nervous about what she would buy my for Christmas and now I am so excited to see what funky tights or socks or scarves are in my stocking. This video is how i would describe my mom and I. 

 I think my husband would agree with me that I am well on my way to becoming one of these old ladies. 
The other day we were sort of in a fight disagreement and I had to work. I went straight to my drawer and pulled out my orange, red, pink, and olive green patterned tights. It was my way of rebelling and saying, "I don't care what you like, I'm wearing them" Haha. Of course as soon as the tiff was over he said "what are you wearing" HAHA so typical. Needless to say I went to work in my funky tights. I can't wait to be a nutty old lady, I wear what I want now but when i'm older, no one can question it!! I love these women. 

Friday, January 13

Holy Crap!

I just signed up for an art class that i have signed up for and chickened out of for about 5 years now. i don't know why i am so damn scared, just am...oh well! i am really going to do it this year. we'll see how it goes.  if any of you want to join me for a monday morning sesh at the petersen art center i would love to have a friend to ease the tension a little. wait, i just got more nervous at the thought of someone i know seeing my work, scratch that, you are uninvited. at least until i have some warm-up time. seriously though there are lots of great classes there. check them out here. after reliving my study abroads, i remembered why i love art and why i want to create my own. here are a few reasons.

Of course Degas. The problem with Degas is choosing your favorite.

Berthe Morisot, so feminine and beautiful

Klimt's landscapes are so incredible but not necessarily what he's known for

Egon Schiele, this man changed so much about my love for art. 

Alexandr Onishenko, an artist i happened upon in Prague and am so glad i did.

wish me luck folks. i am petrified. 

Thursday, January 12

Love Him!

Well after 2 and 1/2 months of wedded bliss, I crazy in love with this guy. He is the best. We have done some really great things together. But aside from that we just like being around each other. I can always count on him to make me laugh, to sing me his version of random songs, step on my toes so he gets kicked out of the kitchen while i'm cooking, tell me he has taught kitty how to shake ( which he hasn't), aggressively pet the side of my face, pull me in for a snuggle in the middle of the night, ask if we have eggs (code for will you make me breakfast), tell me my cooking is delicious, kiss me every morning before he leaves.
The good, the bad, the crazy, I love it all, I love him.
 Red Butte concerts

Lava tubes in St. George

Badminton camping

Our slew of pets and ....BASEBALL. 

He loves an aggressive display of affection, he knows it drives me nuts. 

Love you honey!!!

Monday, January 2

Honeymoon in Jackson

 Before we went to Jackson Hole we stayed at the St. Regis in Deer Valley. Here is our Smorgasbord we had for breakfast. We made pigs of ourselves. 
When we got to Jackson Hole we stayed at Amangani. This hotel is amazing. Being offseason in Jackson Hole, we were pretty much the only people in the city and for sure the only people in the hotel. It was so cool we didn't leave it much. 

There were like 4 closets and two bathrooms. 

The view was so amazing. 

The stop signs up there. 

We of course had to do this picture. 

Jackson is such a beautiful place. We had an amazing time and want to go back but possibly not in the offseason. 

Christmas in Hawaii

Look at these cute girls. Hailey and Hannah

Maggie is a lovable and close talker. These two were smooching the whole trip.

Christmas Eve breakfast. Delicious.

There was a treasure hunt on Christmas Eve, the little kids got to go first.

Lily and Charles both score some glasses.

Big kids turn. I quickly got out of the way.

The ball toss. Lily was pretty serious about it.

A little game for the kids. 

Look at Hannah. So cute but so tired. 

Look at these undies that Charles has. He came crawling out without his pants.. really funny.

Henry was not too happy about this photo.

Claire, happy camper.

Lily bug was so cute this nite. She loves some one-on-one attention.

Maggie listening to Grandpa's story

Matching pjs and hand-made bags for all the girls from Grandma.

Matching pjs for the boys.

Randy and Sandra did so much work to put together this Christmas. They are so generous and make that trip so special for all of us.