Monday, June 20


Yes, I still call my dad Daddy. I get harassed to no end about it but I don't care, he's my DADDY! I love this man so much. Because I don't have a husband/ baby daddy ( I hate that term ps) I have been able to focus all of my love on this special day to one dad, My dad. Dicky, pooh, papa C, daddy, he goes by them all albeit reluctantly. 

I don't want to get too mushy or too long but i have to say a few things about this incredible man. He is the hardest working human I have ever met. He is 83 years old with no signs of slowing down. He loves to work. It is his most favorite hobby. He has so many balls in the air that he has no time to get old! He is such an example of hard work. 
The only thing he loves more than work is his kids. He has 8!!! He is so sweet about his kids. Also he is such a patriot. He loves this country which is so refreshing especially lately. My dad tears up every time he talks about his country. I love that about him. 

 Here are a few funny pics of him. 

 The man LOVES to get a pedicure. We used to go every other friday to lunch and a pedi. He is such a good sport about letting my sister and I choose his color. 

 I was showing him all the cool features on the new mac and he wasn't so sure about what I was doing. 
 Until he figured it out, then he wanted to participate. We laughed ourselves sick doing this. 
Poor guy had a cancer taken out and as a result he couldn't shut his eye so he had a eyelid graft put in.
He's never too laid up for a self-portrait however.  
 Feeling much better today. He loves those..."what do you call 'em? percocet?" 
Whatever makes him happy, right? 
 When I was taking a picture of him for his contact on my iphone he didn't like the results, so this is how many poses we tried until he was satisfied. 

He is so cute. So much personality and so much character. 

I love you dad! You make me laugh everyday! You also make me feel so loved EVERYDAY! 

Thursday, June 9


I loved U2 growing up. I seriously LOVED them. U2 was my very first concert I ever went to. That concert began my serious love for live music.  
When I was little my neighbors the Jenkins boys were all in bands and there was a lot of U2 flowing into my back yard. I have to admit that I don't love their newer stuff as much but I was so pleasantly surprised with how much of their old stuff we got to hear. It was so fun to listen to music that brought back oh so many memories with Chris by my side. and thank goodness he was there because I was freakin freezing. 

 The set was so dang cool. It did all kinds of cool stuff and gave all sorts of interesting facts as they were getting ready to go on. I loved it. Not the best picture of us but the iphone was all we had.