Tuesday, May 24

Happy Birthday to Ralph!

Ralph turns 3 this weekend but since we will be out of town AGAIN, we decided that we should throw him a little shindig with all of his furry little friends. 

Each friend got a bag of goodies to take home with them, even Kitty! Although she did not, in anyway, participate in the festivities. 
We also got the pups a little Birthday Pizza from Ma and Paw's Bakery. It was funny. Chicken, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. It actually smelled really good. 
 I had to help Charlie because all the big dogs finished before her and she was very nervous everyone was going to steal it. 

 Ralph enjoying a slice.
 Millie was also excited. 
 Ziggy was first done with his slice
 Charlie took hers under the table before she brought it to me for help. 
 5 dogs 6 slices, lots of competition. I was getting lots of kisses and loves while they were trying to win my affections for the last slice. I divided it up evenly. 
 Oh the ball. The activity of the party so cheap but oh so entertaining. 
 Birthday Boy! So excited to have all his friends over. 
 Lucy, the oldest and wisest of all  the pooches. 
 The next day Ralphie was so pooped. It took him 2 days and 4 piles of vomit to recover. Apparently if your dog doesn't throw up after their birthday party, you didn't do it right. 

We had such a good time. Thanks T & Jim and Mike & Abbie for coming, we love you and your pooches. And so does Ralphie.

You may think a dog party is a little over the top but if you know Chris and his love for this little guy you would understand. He is like human. He has so many visits from nieces and nephews and gets presents from his grandparents trips. He also gets to have sleep overs and play dates.
He is such a sweet little guy especially when he is tired. Love him! 

Wednesday, May 18

moab, why have i never been there before now?

ok friends, lots and lots of pictures coming your way and these are only the pics i stole from abbie. the last two weekends chris and i went to moab. i had never been there before but always wanted to go. so when we signed up for the xterra moab tri festival i figured i'd get there. chris and i went down mother's day weekend to pre-ride the off-raod bike. good grief! i have never been so glad that i underestimated myself. i signed up for the road tri and i'm so glad i did. that trail was brutal to say the least! (pics from this trip with ralphie to come.) 

 on our way to moab
newspaper rock in the canyonlands

we headed down to canyonlands to do a little off-roading

taking a little break from all the bouncing around, its a little rough on the bladder. haha

the overlook from where the colorado and green river intersect. 

we had so much fun with these two. always entertaining and lots of laughs. 

chris and mike, these two are the goofiest combo. they have way too much fun together. 

this jeep is a monster! it did so well. only my second time off-roading but i was impressed with this beast. 

oh this tri. i have nervous gas helping get chris ready for his start. the water was 58 degrees. MISERABLY cold.  

i was wondering why in the hell i signed up for this. i am so out of shape and didn't train nearly enough. 

so funny, i look so mad in EVERY picture and chris was smiling in EVERY picture. 

mike did the full xterra off-road. he is a machine. 

chris and abbie's brother wes did the xterra sport. 

first time i smiled in two hours....so glad it was over. 

cutest couple. 

everyone but me. i was swearing my way to the porta-potty. 

cute abbie got third in her division. 

yes, i got first in my division but don't be mislead, there were only two of us. it was pretty funny. this girl and i had a pretty good laugh about it. 

i was using my metal to get free crap all over the place. you know like finish line water, bananas, half a bagel....oh wait they give that to everyone. hahaha. 

mike got second in his division, which was actually a bigger deal than mine. there were lots in his division. 

well to end the trip mike chipped his tooth and once we saw he was ok we laughed harder than i have in a long time. good ol' michael is always keeping everyone laughing. i named him chip. he looked like a hillbilly. so hilarious. 

we had so much fun with mike and abbie. they are an awesome couple who are up for anything. thanks guys for such a great time. lets do it again, soon. i hear there's a really good restaurant called Peace Tree, ever heard of it? 

Wednesday, May 4

noelle, the best sister ever!

sisters, sisters, sisters! what in the world would we do without our sisters? i know that i personally would not be who i am today without mine. i love her so. this little post is about my "sissy" as i like to call her. noelle is the oldest of my siblings and for sure the most loving. we call her the den mother, which she absolutely hates, but it is true. she is always so aware of what everyone is up to and making sure we are all happy. LOVE HER! one of my favorite things about my sister is, no offense people, when it is just me and her. when the boys aren't around to tell us how annoying we are or roll their eyes at us. when we are alone we can do whatever we want and we do. we laugh, we tell each other about the facial hair that needs waxing, tease each other to no end, and pull each other's gray hairs out...that's right people we have them and i have more that she does! so not fair since she is 6 years my senior. sorry sissy but you are. last time we got to spend a whole evening alone together, it doesn't happen often because she has two kids and a husband she adores and i have the best boyfriend that i can't seem to be without. needless to say it rarely is the two of us but last time we watched quite possibly the WORST movie ever. i don't even know the name of it. but it was so bad. for some odd reason we watched the whole damn thing and every time we looked at each other we just laughed hysterically and kept watching, why? no idea! 

sissy and i share birthday months. this is the BEST thing ever. mine is april 13 and hers is april 23...do you know what that means? it means month long birthday celebrations for us both every year. she is so sweet to make sure i have a GREAT birthday. she's one of the first calls of the day ( this year she was first because my friend julia had had a baby like a week before and she was sleep deprived) and always takes me to breakfast or lunch on my bday. this also consists of laughing...a lot. 

ok now the mushy crap. noelle has been my cheerleader, even though neither of us would have been caught dead being cheerleaders, thru everything. she is always and unconditionally on my side. well unless we are fighting then she is not on my side :). honestly we rarely fight. especially since i never steal her clothes anymore. people who don't get along with their sisters baffle me. how can you not? she has been there when i needed advise she has been there when i needed someone to be quite and listen. she's my running buddy and will be again as soon as she pops out my second nephew. she is my favorite sister...hahaha! my only sister. but even if we had lots of sisters, she would still be my fav. i love her more than anything. what is so great about sisters is that she knows that no matter what i would drop anything i was doing to help her and i know that she would do the same. it is so refreshing to know that i have someone to always count on. 

Nosie, sissy, mama D, den mother, you are the love of my life! Thank you for always being on my side even when i'm wrong. i hope you had a great birthday. don't be mad about the pictures. these are all i have on this computer.