Wednesday, June 20

I'll Wasatch your back if you Wasatch mine

I got a call last week on Monday from my sister that said "how do you feel about doing me a huge favor?"
My natural instinct is to do anything I can for my sister so of course I said "sure, what?"

long pause.........."want to run the Wasatch Back with me? PLEASEEEEE" 
She laid it on real thick.

Oh my hell seriously? I have run maybe a handful of times since the half marathon in April and that's about it. This pregnancy has got me soooo tired that I literally hadn't cook in over a month and laundry was slacking. Chris and I were on the verge of wearing swimsuits as underwear. 

long pause......."really? I don't think i can do it sis, I am so tired just thinking about it?"

"Please it will be so much fun"

I really couldn't argue there because Noelle and I can laugh at absolutely anything. I knew it would be fun to be with her. 

I had a doctors appointment the next day and if I got the green light, I would run. 

Unfortunately I got the green light as long as I had someone take my hottest run, too dehydrating! 

My nephew James said he would run it so I was IN!

Utah is so beautiful

The chick in the green look EXACTLY like Gene Simmons. 

Noelle laughing so hard she was crying. You can't see the tears.

I couldn't get this guy to turn around but he was one classy dude in one very classy shirt.

Noelle did so well I am so proud of her. Here she had just run the first leg of rangar and handed off to Jessie who ran the second half. They both did awesome. 

We are badasses and put our tattoos on our necks. 

We both lived in these large hooded jackets...there are no words for this girl. 

SO much fun. I am really glad I did it even though I am still tired :)

I think Noelle and I could make each other laugh through pretty much anything. I love her! 

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