Wednesday, June 20


I was just going through my posts and I guess I uploaded these photos but didn't post them. 

Chris surprised me with a trip to Disneyland for my birthday! I seriously was so excited. I thought we were going to Park City but when I woke up he handed me a card. 

Out fell our itinerary with tickets to Disneyland. I have been bugging Chris to take me to the happiest place on earth for a while so I was so excited. 
These pictures are not in order. 

This duck was psycho! Eating that bread as fast as possible. 

The first night we stayed in Burbank with our good friends Lauren and Aaron. We love these two, they are up for a good time always! 

Chris's artistic attempt at the matterhorn
Thunder Mountain, arguably one of my most favorite rides. 

Love these guys! takes a lot of confidence to pull this outfit off. 

Chris is a goofball and threw away his fast pass so we waited for the other two. 

This is so mean but check out this lady's beard. She was very nice though. 

I wanted that cookie. 
I got that cookie and it was so disappointing. 
After Disneyland we headed to Huntington Beach. I loved this place, pretty jealous my cousin lives right there. 
A little beach cruising fun! Aaron was on a skateboard.
I was the only one who had not been on this ride and I was crouched down behind the dorks with their arms up. I could not catch my stomach and I may have peed a little bit on this ride. 

We went and saw my fist Cirque Du Soleil show in Hollywood. It was so stinking cool. 

The boys think the swings are stupid...not even, they are the best. 
Our hotel in Huntington. I would totally recommend it. It was so amazing. 

From the pier. 

Don't worry I fell off the cruiser and this was my battle wound. it was so much worse than this. I somehow manage to leave everywhere with a lovely wound. 

We seriously had the best time. I am so lucky to have Chris, he treats me so well. I am a very lucky lady. 


  1. You are the luckiest! I've wanted Jeff to take me there coming on 7 years! Looks like a blast! And so impressed by your running missy! Way to go on another race!

  2. "she was very nice though" hahahaha. Looks like a fun trip! He's the best for planning a bday surprise trip...